Life actually does begin at 50

Providing you with Unique Insights, Ideas, Tools and Tips to Make Extra Income easily both Online and Offline using your Skills, Knowledge, Talents, Experience and Passion to change lives and make an impact.

Let me show you how to add to your quality of life, make money and create a sense of purpose and connection - no matter your location or circumstances.

Have you reached that point in your life where either retirement is very close to becoming a reality or some circumstance outside of your control is forcing you to look at other options to ensure that you can survive both financially and physically?

You are not alone. This is happening throughout the world each day and becoming more and more of an issue for many people.

Research has shown that 10 000 Boomers are reaching retirement age each day and this trend is set to continue until 2030. The sad thing is that almost 55% of those people do not have enough money to actually retire.

It becomes more and more crucial each day to develop a Plan B to ensure that when you hit retirement or are faced with any other challenge that prevents you from earning an income, you are financially secure to be able to live a good quality life. Its about preparing now for the future.

We all have a huge amount of skills, knowledge, talents, experience and passion that we can use to develop other income streams and still make an impact. You are never too old (or too young) to share what you know.

Its my mission to help you with information, tips, ideas, strategies and tactics to do exactly that. This is not about the normal suggestions that you will get from a life coach, financial planner or investment broker – this is about using what you know to create income for yourself.

Are you ready and willing to see what magic can unfold?

Well, I’m ready to help you reach your goals.


Ruth Coetzee

Serial Entrepreneur, Published Co-Author, Word Smith, Digital Publisher, Small Business and Content Strategist

For many years as a single mother of 3, Ruth always had a dream, a vision that someday she would run her own business, live life on her terms and be able to use the knowledge built up over the years and share that with others to help them achieve their dreams


In addition she realised very early on that she would need to build other income streams to ensure that her “golden years”  were looked after and thus spent several years whilst still working full time to build those income streams and her businesses.


Ruth is passionate about showing her peer group that life does not end when you hit 50, her belief is it actually starts there.


Its all about taking your skills, knowledge, talents experience and passion to still contribute and make an impact (plus generate income) on the world, no matter your background or where you live.

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“Ruth has provided great content for my website as well as brilliant blogs and daily social media posts.

It gave a professional look to our online presence.

All work always delivered on time and the communication was always easy and efficient."
Gabor Seregelys, UK
Director - The Spotless Team Ltd
“Ruth took the guesswork out of the the logistics of creating an e-book!

She simplified the process and delivered a top-notch e-book file that was formatted and ready to upload directly to Amazon - exactly what I needed. Ruth was extremely helpful in organizing my content while still remaining true to my speaking style as she helped with edits.

I highly recommend Ruth's book services to anyone who needs guidance in publishing a book quickly while ensuring that their voice and reputation will be maintained throughout the process."
Christina Walker Dallas,TX
Speaker/Vocal Performance Coach and Author of "Shut Up & Communicate"
“That is what I love about you my angel, in the 5 years we have known each other you have been nothing but you.

I just love your Authenticity and love of people and life.

Happy to have you as a friend."
Charlie Monson, SA
The Global Connector

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