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Has somebody ever asked you if you have ever thought of writing a book, whether it’s because you are knowledgeable about a subject or just because you have a story in your head, or for whatever other reason? Have you actually ever thought of it yourself? You are not alone.

There are differing statistics throughout the world but approx 70% of all the people who were asked the question whether they would like to write a book, said yes. Unfortunately almost 90% of those people never do.

Are you one of those people? Don’t be – if you have something to share, then go ahead and write that book.

In today’s digital landscape, it becomes more imperative each day that the combined knowledge contained within the grey matter of all people alive today is documented for future generations.

Don’t let that magic within you never see the light of day for others to enjoy or benefit from.

The background

As a Baby Boomer myself, I am very aware of the huge amount of knowledge, experience, skills and expertise that lies within my generation and if this does not get documented and shared, mankind as a whole will be a lot worse off in the future.

This is why I have included “Writing a Book” in my list of options for you to make money from what you know. When you subscribe to my list you will receive my free Infographic which covers the “Top 6 Ways to make money from what you know” as a sign-up bonus.

Today, in this blogpost however, I want to highlight the top 7 reasons why you need to write your book NOW.

They may not be the exact reasons you can think of, but these are of vital importance to keep in mind, when you sit down to write for your book to be successful.

The reasons mentioned below are listed in no order of importance.


Don’t ever underestimate the value or impact your story or message can have on others.

What you take for granted could have the effect of an atomic bomb on others. It may not happen today or even in years, but if your story or message can affect one life positively, then you have succeeded beyond the greater majority of people.

I’ve heard so many people say, “I’m not the expert” or “There are a lot of books/information out there about this topic, why write another?” – this is not the point.

One of the greatest reasons to write a book is being able to discover the magic within you. Click To Tweet

Keep in mind that you are unique, thus your perspective is unique and although the topic may be the same, the way that you bring the message across may be exactly what people need to hear and resonate with.

The days of old, when you needed multiple certificates on the wall for anybody to take you seriously as an author, are long gone. Today it’s about the message you have to share – that’s what counts.

Just look at the story here and tell me that their experiences will not impact many people around the world. If they decided to never share what they experienced with the world, they will not have been able to help many people handle losing a spouse. They took the plunge and are now changing lives for the better.


People are always waiting for the time to be perfect? What does that mean exactly? I’m here to tell you there is no perfect time, there is only time – just sit down and get started.

Time is a resource once spent that can never be recreated or manufactured – that time is gone.

Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow? Not to be morbid, but you could step off the curb and get hit by a bus and then there are no further opportunities to share your magic with the world.

There is NO valid reason to wait – each precious second you delay in sharing what you know is adversely affecting the lives of those people that need to hear your story or message.

Wasting time is one of THE biggest regrets people have had on their deathbeds – regretting not doing the things that they actually wanted to do.

DON’T be one of those people – tomorrow is maybe never going to arrive.

time-dreams-don't wait


When speaking to my generation and this also applies to all the others – if you do not share what you know, it may have disastrous consequences sometime in the near or far future.

That knowledge, skill, talent or passion that you have saved in your brain could fundamentally change the landscape of future generations.

Think of all the apocalyptic movies where all forms of machinery die and cannot be used again – if you have knowledge of some way to generate power without using machines and don’t share it now by documenting it in some way – future generations may suffer and die as a result.

Maybe you have a unique way of coping with stress that doesn’t necessitate the taking of medications or anything drastic like that – what would the impact of that be on other people?

Even if you only sit down and write for your family, your grandchildren and friends, then you are leaving them with a valuable legacy that they can use in the future, in whatever way possible.

Take my chapter in the book “From Fedup to Fabulous“; I have received many thank you’s from people I have never met to say what an impact it has had on their outlook on life. If I had never sat down and documented my experience, I could never have touched others lives.

write a book-50 plus-from fedup to fabulous


We are very blessed to live in an era where we are able to self-publish and get our story or message shared very easily.

No longer do you have to concern yourself about finding an agent, pitching to publishers, getting rejection letter after rejection letter and eventually just giving up.

You write your book, decide on the title, subtitle and cover design. You build your tribe of readers and then market your book to those readers. It’s all about having the choice in your hands and then taking action. No longer does somebody else have control over what you have written and if it’s good enough for public consumption.

You have access to software programs, writing programs and design programs online and on your computer, to do all the work yourself. Specialist work can be outsourced at very reasonable rates and you retain total control of the finished product.

With the advent of Amazon (and other platforms) and being able to self publish, you CAN easily share your story and message with the world.

Added to that, having your book in E-book (digital) format allows it to become totally portable as people can carry 1000’s of books with them each day on their phones or tablets, to read at the drop of a hat or whenever its convenient.

Lastly, people no longer need to wait in line for bookstores to open to obtain a copy of your book, having access to online bookstores that are available 24/7, 365 days a year, make sales a breeze.


The journey to building your authority in your field, industry or niche becomes so much easier when you have published a book. It provides you with the means to reveal your knowledge, expertise and experience to the world.

You can show the world the value you can add to others lives by what you know and share. A website or marketing campaign can only go so far as to convey that information, but a book can do it all.

Although times are a changing, the perceived value that you have to add is still far higher when you have published a book, than with any other medium.

Books are now being published not only by authors, but by anybody that has anything of value to add and share with the world.

The company CEO that tells his back story, the night shift nurse working in the emergency room at the local hospital sharing her experiences, the gardening expert from the local nursery sharing her knowledge about the local flora – anybody can publish a book today.

That means YOU can build your authority as well and add value to the world by sharing your story or message.


It’s my firm belief that one of the greatest reasons to write a book is being able to discover the magic within you.

The effort and dedication to sit down and extract what you know in such a way that others will find it beneficial, becomes a form of therapy that most other types of therapy cannot match.

It’s like peeling away the layers of an onion to get to the best parts. You will actually amaze yourself when you see the results of your efforts. Most of us underestimate exactly how much information we have stored in our brains over the years.

Laying it all out in a way for others to consume easily, reveals your magic, your value that you can add to the world. Without writing it a book, it will remain hidden, never to see the light of day.

Get your book written. Start today


I love reason #7. The mere fact that you have taken the time to write your book, means you have already succeeded.

You have succeeded because you have done what 90% of other people want to do but never had the courage to translate over into action.

Is it easy? In most cases, many people will tell that it’s not an easy process, but it does become easier, the longer you write. The second book becomes easier, your blogposts become better – it’s that old adage of “Practice makes Perfect” that I believe comes into play.

The process behind writing down what you know is unique to each person and that alone is also a form of success. You develop your own way, form your own rules and disciplines to get the book written. Here is a very insightful article that sheds light on the trials and tribulations of getting the job done.

So the only question that remains is – “When are you going to get started?”

Write and Publish your book now


I definitely know there are many more other valid reasons why you should write your book, but for me this is about getting it done now – time is of the essence.

There is no better time than NOW.

Tomorrow may never arrive and then the world will have lost a vital part of the formula to creating a better world now and into the future – Get your story and message told.


Ruth is just an ordinary 50 something granny that loves reading, her electronic devices and expanding her knowledge in many diverse fields. She has an insatiable curiosity, a bucket list that is a mile long, enjoys spending time with family and friends and every now and then "pushes the envelope" by doing things that society says she cannot do. "Says Who?" To her - age is just a number and no matter what society dictates, she believes you can do anything you put your mind to and succeed.

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