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    How To Start A Podcast With Little Or No Money

    More and more one sees content about podcasting appearing in the news. News about the industry, the up and coming podcasters making waves and changing lives and other industry experts sharing why audio is going to be the next big thing. This medium is growing by leaps and bounds and the opportunities abound for those that take action now. For many of the older generation one can liken podcasting to the old radio shows that had one glued to listening. Today podcasting presents the same opportunity as radio did. However the spectrum is much broader and the guy down the road can start a podcast from his bedroom, if he…

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    DSG Weekly Article Roundup 15th March 2019

    Creating content takes time and effort as we all know. It stands to reason that the content we create should resonate with our audience, not only now but into the future. Creating valuable, relevant, timeless (evergreen) content becomes crucial to your content creation efforts. This week’s roundup brings you valuable “content” that will improve your content creation skills and help you create better content.

  • Weekly Roundup

    DSG Weekly Article Roundup – 8th March 2019

      More and more people are realizing that they have a message to share that could potentially change lives . They need to get  the thoughts or information in their heads out and shared. Whether you do this in the form of a blog, write a book, do freelance writing or create written content for others – your writing skills need to be on pointe. With this in mind, this week’s roundup focuses on improving your writing skills with tips and ideas on how to do exactly that.

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    5 Top Reasons Why Freelancing Makes Sense Now And In The Future

    Before we actually go into why freelancing makes sense for just about everybody nowadays, let’s just cover what exactly freelancing is. Here is the definition of “freelance” from Business Dictionary.com Working on a contract basis for a variety of companies, as opposed to working as an employee for a single company. Freelancers are often considered to be self-employed, and have the freedom to pick and choose their projects and companies they would like to be associated with. A common profession for freelancing is writing; a writer then has the ability to submit their work to many different places, without being tied to any one company in particular. From the above…