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More and more people are realizing that they have a message to share that could potentially change lives . They need to get  the thoughts or information in their heads out and shared. Whether you do this in the form of a blog, write a book, do freelance writing or create written content for others – your writing skills need to be on pointe. With this in mind, this week’s roundup focuses on improving your writing skills with tips and ideas on how to do exactly that.

Blogging daily

Paul Jarvis Author of the book ” The Good Creative -18 Ways to make better art” shares 7 ways in which you can cultivate your daily blogging practice.

Now I know most people’s reaction will be that they don’t have the time to write every day or create a piece of content each day. This is going to take effort and focus on your part. You need to take action and make it happen – the rewards will be life changing. Paul shares some really good pointers about how to achieve this goal and what you can focus on to get it done.

Habits that will make you a writer

Shaunta Grimes has been writing for 25 years and reveals 25 habits that will make you a writer in this insightful, informative article.

As somebody who has been writing for 25 years, my belief is that she knows something about being a writer. Its always been said that one needs to follow in the footsteps of giants. Shaunta shares these 25 habits that are easy to add into your life. Many of them you may already be doing, just not with the focus of being a writer.

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Writing principles you can use in everyday life

Herbert Lui proposes in his article in Lifehacker.com 4 Basic Writing principles you can use in everyday life.

His interesting application of writing principles to live a better life really opens one’s mind to what is possible. My philosophy has always been to look outside of my life, my industry to what others are doing and then applying it accordingly. This is exactly what he proposes one does with great effect.

Ways to become a better writer

Belle Beth Cooper shares 5 Unconventional Ways to become a better writer in her article on Buffer.com where she is a Content Crafter.

Let me tell you upfront, these ways are not what you are going to think will make you a better writer but they are so powerful in their simplicity. Test the waters and use what works for you and then get writing.

So in Closing…

These 4 articles definitely struck a chord and I believe they will be of benefit to you and your writing journey. We all write differently but we can all use all the help and support possible to achieve our writing goals.


Happy reading till next week

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