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Most people use the excuse “I don’t have the time” to not write a book.   Have you ever used this excuse to not get started?

Everybody understands that writing a book takes time. Not as much time as most think, but time nonetheless. This should however, not prevent you from getting your story told and shared with the world.

I have worked with several high net-worth individuals, with extreme time-constraints and they found a way to get it done. It’s actually easier than you think.

Here are 3 easy ways to get your book written, ready for publishing.

Get your book Ghost Written


Hire a Ghostwriter

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Ghost writers are people that can write your book on your behalf. They are professional authors that have the time and expertise to produce a top level book. Many even achieve best seller status.

You provide them with the idea, background and objective of the book and they get to work on producing the content in your “voice”. They do the research and everything that is needed to produce a manuscript worthy of publishing.

A Ghost Writer waives all ownership of the written content and it becomes the property of the client requesting the content, once completed and paid for.

Record Your Story – Then Get it Transcribed


Record your book and transcribe

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Many of the people I have worked with have opted for doing it this way. They record their “content” in the form of audios, which they then send to me to be transcribed and edited.

This method allows the “owner” to break the content down into bite sized chunks and record when they have the time. Once all the recordings are completed, then they can send it to be transcribed.

It’s always best when using this method that you ensure the “transcriber” comes well recommended and you need to insist that you have a signed Confidentiality Agreement to protect your content.

Blog Your Book


Blog your book

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This method is a lot like the one above, except you are actually doing the work yourself. Each blog post you write can be a chapter, a chapter heading or just your flow of thoughts to get yourself ready to do the book outline.

Once you have your outline, then you actually blog each piece of content and finally put it together in a book.

The beauty of this method is that whilst you are writing, you actually already get feedback from your readers about your book. Inform them that this is what you are doing and invite them to comment.

Make them  part of the process and your book sales will show it.


No time to write a book - Here are 3 easy ways


So in Closing…

In this post I have just given you a broad outline of each of the easy way you can get your book written.

I will, in further posts expand on each of these to provide you with a more detailed perspective for you to make an informed decision which is your best option.

Please comment and let me know how you get your books written.


Till next time

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