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Just because you are now retired does not mean that you have nothing to offer the world. Actually the exact opposite is true. There is so much knowledge, experience, skills and talents sitting in this generation worldwide, it’s scary. If this does not somehow get documented in some form or shape, the world will be far worse off as a result. Blogging is one of the ways in which you can not only document what you know but it can also earn you a very good extra income.

For many of the Boomer generation, blogging is a mystery. You may even be one of them, but this should not prevent you from getting started.

The easiest way to explain what blogging is, that it’s like an online journal where you share your thoughts, ideas and knowledge with others. When they started in the 90’s, that’s exactly how they were described.

Over time blogs have grown and evolved. They have become a form of an online business that makes many bloggers a 6 and 7 figure income yearly. Income is mainly generated from teaching, coaching, sharing valuable information, affiliate commissions and advertising revenues.

Blogging in retirement

There are many examples where bloggers have built huge followings and become the goto authority in their niche or industry.

This is possible for you too. The decision is entirely in your hands how big or small you want your blog to grow.


Starting a blog is not as difficult as it may appear. It’s a step-by-step process that you take at your own pace. With the right guidance it becomes like any other process that you needed to learn when you were working.

There are many guides, tutorials and courses available on the Net on how to start a blog. This blog series however is targeted to the absolute beginner, as in never really even worked on a computer before –  beginner. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started.


The series starts with this introductory blogpost and then I will be expanding each of the 7 steps into their own blogposts. In this way you get bite sized chunks of information to absorb and get comfortable with.

I have the utmost faith in your capabilities to master this and make an impact as well as a good income from your blog.

The 7 steps to getting started are listed below and some of the most important points I will share in each future blogpost.

Start blogging

Step One – Choosing a domain name
  • What is a domain name
  • Why you need the right domain name
  • Research to conduct before choosing your domain name
  • Where and how do you purchase a domain name
Step Two – Choosing a hosting platform
  • What is a hosting platform
  • The best hosting platforms for beginner bloggers
Step Three – Choosing a blogging platform
  • Why you need a blogging platform
  • The best blogging platforms for beginner bloggers
Step Four – Blog design – Choosing a Theme
  • The power of using the right theme for your blog
  • Finding the right theme for your blog
  • Setting up your blog
Step Five – What do you write about
  • Deciding on your niche
  • How to find out what your market wants to know
  • Where to start your research for your content
Step Six – Your first blogpost
Step Seven – Publishing your first blogpost
  • The steps you need to take before publishing your first (or any) blogpost
  • Where and how to promote your blogpost after publishing

Free Website and Blog Offer with setup

So in Closing…

This blogpost is the start in your blogging journey. In the next few days I will expand each of the 7 steps so that you have a full step-by-step guide to getting your blog up and running.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

Look out for the next blogpost – Step One – Choosing your domain name.


Till next time,

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