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Are you struggling to write? You have all these thoughts in your head that are begging to be let out but nothing happens. This is not writer’s block (when you don’t know what to write) – you just cannot get started.

Well, you are not alone. This happens to many aspiring and experienced writers alike. Whether you are a blogger, freelancer or author, this happens from time to time.

So how do you get out of it? Everybody is different but there are certain things that seem to work better for most people than others.

Here are 10 of those practical tips you can use to get your writing started.

10 Practical Tips to get your writing started

Tip#1 – Break things down into smaller pieces

Don’t build what you need to do into a mountain. Break things down into smaller chunks and tackle each individually. It’s much easier to get through smaller chunks of information.

Tip#2 – Listen to your favorite music

Release some of the tension by listening to your favorite music. Once you are more relaxed, your thoughts then just seem to flow much easier. The effects of listening to binaural beats is staggering. Your favorite music has much the same effect.


Tip#3 – Change your environment

Getting out of your current environment also helps to release your thoughts. It’s amazing the effect being in the wrong environment can have not only on our thoughts but our productivity. When you write for a living it works in the same way.

Tip#4 – Meet with a person that inspires you

This is one of the best tips. Many people have said this is one of the best ways to get moving. Speaking to someone that inspires you is like a shot of adrenaline direct into your system. You are super pumped up to just get started and write a masterpiece.

Tip#5 – Do some people watching

Sit in a coffee shop and just observe the people around you. Many times this will also release the “blockage” and get your thoughts moving. Many of my students have said that even sitting in a park and observing children playing have had the desired result.

Kickstart your writing-write-writingtips


Tip#6 – Do some research

Cutting yourself off from your thoughts and doing external research also allows the release of your own thoughts. It acts like a trigger in response to what you are reading or researching. It naturally makes connections to those thoughts  in your mind.

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Tip#7 – Get out into nature

Many of my students reported that this also had a great effect in releasing their thoughts. Getting out into nature releases that inner tension. Without the pressure of a manmade environment the thoughts locked inside are released naturally.

Illustrate the point of getting out into nature

Tip#8 – Work on something totally unrelated

Just moving your thoughts to focus on something completely different works wonders. It breaks the chain of pressure that you place on yourself. One finds it much easier then to come back to what you were struggling with earlier.

Tip#9 – Record yourself

Many people find it easier to talk than to get their thoughts written down. If this is you, then rather record what you want to say and get it transcribed. Then you can sit and tweak it as needed.



Tip#10 – Just let go

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Trying to force the issue will only be counterproductive. Acknowledge your struggle and let it go. The mere action of letting go seems to open the floodgates.

So in Closing…

As you can see, there are many ways to get your writing kick started. Be kind to yourself and accept that this does happen. The key is finding the best way for you out of the situation and into writing mode.

Do you have any other methods you use when this happens? Please let me know in the comments and I can add them into this list.


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