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One of the biggest challenges that face most all creatives is having enough time. We are all allocated the same amount of time each day, but how we use that time, makes all the difference. Making sure we have the best tools for writers in our toolbox, helps in focusing our time.

In this post I would like to share some of my favorites that make the writing journey so much easier and quicker. They allow one to win back time that you would have wasted otherwise.

Busy writers need the best tools to write


One a side note, I would like to highlight that these will not be the tools that you would normally see posts like this sharing. These are quick win tools that you can depend upon to save you time and even help improve your writing. My suggestion is to put them into your bookmarks bar or a folder where you can access them easily to make it even more effective.

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So here is my personal list of best tools for writers that will gain you more time to spend on your writing.

Online Word Counting Tool – Count Wordsworth

This handy tool not only counts the amount of words in your content but also tracks things like clichés, prepositions, sentence length etc. It even rates your writing according to Readability Scores and indicates the most used words and phrases. It gives you a great global view of your writing and where you can improve.

Easy File Compression tool – 7Zip

As writers and authors we sometimes have very large files to sent to editors and beta-readers or clients that we are doing work for. Many email service providers limit the file size you can send and this handy tool can compress files and unzip others with ease. I have used this for many years and its never let me down.

Automatic Title Case Converter – Capitalize my Title

Knowing which words are the ones that should be capitalized correctly in the different writing styles is not always easy. With this handy tool, you cannot be caught off guard and make any mistakes. It even allows you to change the case from upper to lower and vice versa if so desired. All round, a great time saver!

Word Tools for your Creative needs – Word Hippo

Even writers need some help finding the correct words to use at times.  It not only finds words for you but you can even look up definitions, rhymes, translations and other creative word uses. It’s one of those tools that once you have started using it, it becomes necessary, not just a nice to have.


A Writing Tool that actually helps you to write – Blurt

This writing tool addresses many challenges that some writers face and helps them improve at the same time. It not only allows you to write from anywhere when the inspiration hits you but then you can share what you have just written with others easily. It also has a built in facility that prevents you from self editing by blurring out what you have just written.

Visit their page and see what it can do for you. It’s been developed by a writer for writers and does its job just brilliantly.

I find it very easy to use and from somebody that couldn’t imagine writing anything without using Microsoft Word – that should say something.

Grab Full Page Website Screen Shots  – Web-Capture

This tool has been one of my goto tools for many, many years. It works perfectly each time and makes research an absolute breeze. Having the facility to be able to capture full web pages and then convert them into various file formats for later use (the pdf format is my personal favorite) makes it a winner.

When I was still working fulltime, I would do my research during my lunch break and could capture a lot of stuff for later reading, using this tool.


So in Closing…

I’m sure we all have our favorite tools and things we use to make our writing journey as easy as possible. Saving time and using what we have most productively just makes life so much easier. At the end of the day, if we can sit back and say “Yes, I achieved my writing goal for today/this week or this month by using my time wisely,” then we can rightly feel proud. These best tools for writers go a very long way in helping us achieve those goals.

Do you have any others that you absolutely cannot do without? Let me know about them in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

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