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No matter what your writing style, process or genre one thing stays constant – we all write better in a dedicated writing space. This writing space though will be very different for each writer. Some writers write their best sitting in their favorite coffee shop and others need a focused dedicated space where they can produce their best work.

In my previous post I shared why you need a dedicated writing space. This post covers tips and ideas on how to find and create the best space for you at home. Don’t let the idea of limited or no space prevent you from having your own area to create magic.

Before you start

Like with anything else in life – it works best when you have a plan. To develop your plan you need to ask yourself some crucial questions. This is not about cost, remove that from the equation, it will only muddy the waters.

– What do I need to create my best work?

– How much space do I really need to be comfortable?

– Do I need anything special because of health challenges?

– What space do I have available at first glance?

– Where are the least noisy places in my home? (If you need quiet to write)

– What could I easily change or move around to make some space that will suit my needs?

The point of these questions is to open your mind to what your needs are and what’s possible in your home. From this you can then formulate your plan and get started.

Where to find inspiration for your dedicated writing space

Once you have answered the questions above and developed a plan for what you need, then it’s time to get started. Go online to find inspiration and fine-tune your design and decor. Use some of the following search terms and see what others have come up with. Then decide how you could use those ideas in the space you have available. Be creative and think outside of the box.

  • Small home offices
  • Home office ideas
  • Tiny house home offices
  • Closet home office Ideas
  • Hallway home office ideas
  • Small home office space design ideas
  • Home office setup ideas
  • Beneath/Under the stairs home office space design ideas
  • Basement home office ideas
  • Attic home office ideas
  • Loft home office ideas
  • Small apartment home office ideas
  • Hidden home office space design ideas

Listed below are some great articles to get you started.

If you like something more stylish – look at this excellent inspiration article from The Spruce.com

From DigDigs.com  come some out of the box ideas for small and tiny spaces.

And last but not least, some small home office ideas from Real Homes.com.

Other places to find inspiration are design magazines, interior designers, books on interior design and Pinterest. Builders and architects can also provide valuable insight into what spaces could be repurposed and how easy or costly it may be.


Do not overcomplicate this process – try and keep it as simple as possible. You want your own dedicated writing space, not another headache to have to deal with.

Limited space ideas

As life gets more and more expensive, many people are moving into smaller spaces all the time. Having limited space however, should not prevent you from having your own dedicated writing space. In fact,  this only sometimes enhances your space by making it intimate and cozy.

Don't let the idea of limited or no space prevent you from having your own dedicated writing space at home. Click To Tweet

Once you have determined what space you have available use your inspiration research and see how you can design your space accordingly. It’s actually amazing what you can design if you have limited space.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking

– Inside a spare closet

– Unused space under the stairs but be careful if you have a lot of traffic in your home

– Use the open space on the landing of your stairs

– Look at an awkward space that cannot be used for anything else

– A wide windowsill can become an excellent space to use as your home office

– The curve inside a bay window makes a great space

– Use drop down hinged shelves or table top that can be made flat when needed

– Look for old furniture that can be repurposed and make a great desk or shelving for your needs

– A piece of furniture that can be converted into your writing space only when you need it – dual purpose

– An unused small balcony or covered area that could be converted with minimal effort and expense

– How about your attic or basement? Can you set aside some space there?

– and last but not least – how about that garden shed or garage standing empty right now?

The ideas are really limitless – you just need to open your mind to what is possible, look at what you could use and what you would be comfortable with.

Bay-window-dedicated writing space

Some normal but essential things to keep in mind:
  • Lighting
  • Location
  • Noise levels
  • Privacy
  • Flooring
  • Heating
  • Your special needs – health or otherwise

All the above need to be considered carefully as well, when looking at what space you have available.

I have a writer friend that lives in an extremely limited space (converted single garage) and she places a piece of wood over her bath and uses that as her writing space. She makes what she has available work for her. You are really only limited by your own desires and what is practical for you.

Practical tips to use during the process to design your dedicated writing space

  • Keep an open mind
  • Don’t discount anything no matter how off the wall it seems
  • Chat to other writers and authors and find out what they have done
  • Look on Pinterest what ideas you can find
  • Researching general home design and decor ideas may just spark your solution
  • Speak to your local building supply store or DIY supplier for ideas and tips
  • Create a scrapbook with all your ideas or open a folder on your computer with images and notes of what you liked and why. This will help a lot when you get to actually creating your space
  • Check out some interior design sites or shops in your area
  • Take somebody you trust with you – another set of eyes may see something you don’t


So in Closing…

One can really get very creative with the space you have available. Always keep in mind, it’s your space, so make it your own. If having a dedicated space is of importance to you , you will find a way. Don’t limit your thinking. Design a space that will bring out that writing genius that resides within.

Can you think of any other spaces to use or have you seen something out of the box? Let me know below – I would love to hear from you.

Till next time – happy writing

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