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Set yourself up for affiliate marketing success in 2020. Its one of the best ways that anybody, no matter their age, skills or location, can start making extra or fulltime money for themselves in a very short space of time.

After much research and many hours spent on the Internet you decided that affiliate marketing is going to be your thing. You started off all excited and trusted the hype that you saw all over that this was easy. It may be a few months (or even years) down the line and things are not going as expected. It’s not as simple as you were made to understand.



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Believe me I’ve been in your shoes many times over the years. Each time one believes it will be different and then it’s not. Finding the right information that will actually work is a challenge that everybody faces.

As a result have you found yourself desperately looking for that secret to affiliate marketing success?  You know, that secret method or the trick that all of the big dogs know that you don’t?

Somebody that is just going to be truthful and share that secret or provide you with a guide or blueprint to success.

Does this sound like you?

Well after being in this industry for a while, facing those same challenges I eventually found my mentor and he shared the “secret” with me. He has had lots of success and has created a lifestyle for himself and his family that most people only dream of.

What blew my mind however, is the actual “secret” he shared with me and I still cannot believe how simple the “secret” is.

In this post today, I am going to share this with you so that you don’t have to struggle to achieve success.

So, are you ready for the “secret”?

Most people don’t have stickability!!

“What???” I can actually hear you saying. Yep, it’s true, most people are not consistent and working their system daily. Most marketers are easily distracted by the next best thing, something that seems easier and then off they go. Everything works. They don’t give themselves enough time to prove that it actually does.

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It all comes down to doing the same things daily and then you can really live the lifestyle you desire. If some people really understood how simple it is to get results 
with this business, everyone would be making $1000 + per day.

So I want to break things down for you on what you should be
 doing and what to focus on, to get results fast. If you apply these steps and stop trying to overcomplicate things
 you will amaze yourself with what you can achieve in a short period of 

Step #1 – Pick a great affiliate marketing business opportunity

Most people buy every product they can find. Its back to that “shiny penny syndrome”. Look at all the top dogs. You will notice that they only promote one or two good affiliate programs. Then they stick with them until they have built them into high six figure incomes.

This is exactly what my mentor has done and its works.

Ever heard of the analogy where if you hold the magnifying glass to the piece of paper it will burn? But…..if you move the magnifying glass around it will just heat the piece of paper up, but it won’t burn. It’s about where you place your focus. Well most people do the latter and not the former.

Now once you pick your program, DECIDE you will be a producer, then stay consistent and don’t flip flop around.

Step # 2 – Pick one traffic source and master it

Do your research and find out where your market hangs out most and then decide that you will master that traffic source. There is no point in mastering Instagram if your market hangs out in Facebook.

My suggestion is to master one source at a time and get so good at it that 
it brings you steady leads day in and day out. Become the goto resource for your market – become the authority.

Remember, the more leads you bring in, the more money you will make (pretty simple).

Once you start making money don’t spend it on useless crap, reinvest it back into 
your business. You can start buying traffic with ads and in return it will allow you to make even more money.

Traffic is an investment. The formula is simple.

Buy traffic — get leads — build relationships with those leads — make more money.

Step # 3 – Build a Relationship with your list

This is where most people drop the
 ball. Your email list is like having an ATM in your office, giving you money every day. It is the greatest asset you have in your business.

Most marketers just spam their list with new offers every day and have no respect for the people reading their emails or following them. Believe me that this model just doesn’t work. If anything, it’s going to put people off and you will lose them as potential customers.

It’s really as simple as providing a few helpful tips that you learn in your own business, then guiding people to what they should do and suggesting products to solve their 

If you just put in 10 minutes daily into writing a good email it will make you money.

Step # 4 – Reinvest profits to scale up

Once you start making money from your list, take that money and pump it back into your business. It’s really that simple. (Refer to Step #2 ) Spend your money on educating yourself to master what you need to know to scale even further.

Most people want to overcomplicate this business, they think they need 
to learn every marketing method, every traffic method and advanced skills. Exactly the opposite is true. If you just keep it simple, maintain your focus and be consistent, then you will start seeing results.


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So in Closing…

Many people think it would take years to make a big income with affiliate marketing and the opposite is actually the truth. My mentor will tell you it is possible in 6 months to create a real income online and by real income online, he means a minimum of six figures.

It’s all about being consistent, focusing on mastery and making it all about your customers. Become the solution to their problems.

The Internet is an amazing thing and I don’t really know of any career or very few business models that will enable you to build a big income this fast.

What tips do you have that have worked for you? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

Till next time

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