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You’ve started your blog and have heard and read about the many ways that you can use to make money with your blog. Affiliate marketing is only one of those ways, but as a beginner its one of the best ways. What is the most general reaction you get when you explain to others that you are an affiliate marketer and using this method to make money? In my experience it’s been that they cannot picture doing that as it makes them feel sleazy.

We can all agree that there is a right way to do affiliate marketing and also a very wrong way to do it. Many people have come across those marketers and I agree that they come across as very sleazy. Always pushing the issue, sending you a million offers to your inbox daily that you don’t want or need.

Best Practice = great results

Over the last few years doing my research into the industry, I have come across both the good and the bad. The great affiliate marketers know exactly what is best practice and that’s why they are so successful. They know how it needs to be done so that it doesn’t become sleazy.

If you have decided that you want to focus on, or add affiliate marketing into your suite of income generating ideas – then you need to pay attention.

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Find those affiliate marketers that are great at what they do and learn from them. That doesn’t mean you need pay for training – many are just sharing what they do and you can then model (not copy) that for your niche or industry.

Follow their blogs, attend their webinars and sign-up for their free offers. There is much to be learnt from this alone.

My mentors and coaches

Unbeknownst to them, my mentors and coaches have provided me with great learning and its set me up to feel that I can grow my affiliate marketing income each day.

For this particular post I am going mention one of my favorite mentors. I have learnt so much from and share his “formula” to becoming a smart, sleaze free affiliate marketer. I cannot remember if it was a podcast episode or free webinar – but I made lots of notes – LOL. If you want top notch, relevant information I seriously suggest you sign up and listen in.

(P.S. This is not meant as a review, just me sharing information that I know you will find of value about somebody that has had a positive impact on my journey. We can all learn a lot from what he does.)

His name is Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.

The information that he shares for free on his blog, website and podcast is worth millions. Others would charge you an arm and a leg for what he shares for free.

Everything he shared hit home and if you implement these steps then you will most definitely become a smart affiliate marketer – no sleaze here!

It’s all about D.O.I.N.G — providing your target market and audience with value-adding information and products to solve their issues, challenges and concerns. In a nutshell, becoming a person of value to them and your market.

Here is the “formula” or methodology to becoming a smart affiliate marketer.

D – Provide a Demo

It’s a great idea to provide a “demo” of what you are promoting so that your market can get a glimpse into what the products offers etc.

Many times your potential customers will be seriously considering a purchase but want to make sure that this really is the solution. A “demo” can do that. Providing a “demo” even if it’s one you have created yourself, will add much more weight to the product and make the buying decision much easier.



O – Offer to answer questions

Offer to answer people’s questions. This is huge! The fact that you are prepared to put yourself out there and answer any questions, sets you apart from the other affiliate marketers.

By making yourself available to your market in this way also builds trust. This can cement the decision that your potential customer is making the right move. In essence you are putting your money where your mouth is, so to say.

I – Interview relevant people

The value of interviewing either the founder of the product, a representative of the company or even a person that has used the product, is immeasurable. If it’s somebody that has used the product, then it should be somebody that has used your link to purchase the product.

If you can’t interview, then even an email or a recorded Skype call can massively support the value that this product offers to the potential buyers.

It works exactly like “Social Proof” but is actually even more powerful.

N – Never promote more than one product

A crucial part of this formula is to NEVER promote more than one product of its type. It confuses your market. Make a decision which one you will promote and stick to it, so that it’s very clear what you are recommending. There is nothing worse than if you do not provide clarity to your market.

Remember – ” A confused mind doesn’t buy.”

G – Get the product in front of people

Last, but not least, get this product in front of people and treat it as if it were your own. Even though everything you need to promote the product is provided by the owner of the product, make the effort to put in some extra work and set your promotion apart from the other marketers. This is a winning strategy.

Many marketers are almost disconnected from the products they promote and it shows. Do not become one of those. Show your market that you care about providing them the best recommendations. Believe me, your bank balance will show it.


So in Closing…

So there you have it. A proven formula that has made Pat Flynn 6 figures and more I am sure, with affiliate marketing. I’ve used it myself and I know I am getting results. Do your research well and the right information will cross your path and make you successful.

Become that smart affiliate marketer that cares about the products he/she promotes and success is almost a guarantee. You are putting in the effort – why not make it your best effort and see the results?

What tips do you have that have worked for you? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

Till next time

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