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Ever wonder why some authors seem to be more successful than others? Why they seem to achieve their goals with ease? The key lies in having a writing success blueprint, a plan how they approach their writing life and author journey. This blueprint, this plan needs to contain those writing strategies that ensure success.

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In the five articles we share here today, you will find 5 powerful writing strategies that others have used to achieve success. They will inform, help, guide and assist you in achieving what you have set out to do. Include them into your writing success blueprint and then take action.

(Updated June 2020)

As the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the whole world and with social distancing rules, attending in person conferences for the rest of this year at least, will not be possible. Therefore as writers, we need to find another way in which we can hone our skills and learn from others. Finding the best online courses and training is then the next best option. See my addition in the section below in ” Build your Skills“.

Plan to succeed

In this article on Medium.com, “Meeting your writing goals in 2020 “, Charlotte R Dixon writing for The Writing Cooperative, shares some great tips with insight into the writing life of authors, as she is an author herself. Her suggestions on how you can plan out your writing year and set yourself achievable, realistic goals as well as the right type of questions to ask yourself, show that she is very familiar with the challenges of dovetailing her personal and writing life.

Too many times we set ourselves up to fail with unrealistic goals that we can never achieve. She also shares a methodology that you can employ that ensures you will achieve the goals you have decided upon.



Build your Skills

Just like with any other career, to be able to achieve success, one needs to build and hone your skills. The question just is – what is the best way of doing this? Where does one go to ensure that your own particular skills are perfected?  There are many courses out there what one can attend but one of the most effective ways is by attending writing conferences.

They offer not only real-time practical knowledge but also allow one to learn from others in the field. The networking opportunities open up a vast array of thoughts and ideas, as well as learning from others where best to get the “formal” education.

In this article from SelfPublishing.com, “Best Writers Conferences: Top 11 Conferences for Authors in 2020 “, Scott Allan reveals all the top writing conferences that one can attend in 2020. He shares all the relevant information to allow you to make an informed decision which ones will be best suited to your expertise and genre.  Scott also provides valuable insight into making the right decision for you.

Due to the pandemic, I have included the following article “Best Online Writing Courses for 2020” from BecomeAWriterToday.com, where Bryan Collins shares some great suggestions to help writers improve their writing in these trying times, online. Not only does he explore what each course offers and for which types of writers they are best suited, but also gives some background why they work and what you should ideally hope to achieve.

Just write that book

The best way to get over the fear of writing a book or the right book, is just to get it done. Don’t question yourself – there is no right or wrong. Looking at the many millions of people around the world, there is always somebody that needs to hear your message or escape their reality with the magic that you weave as an author.

In this next article from BBC Radio 4, “How to write that book in 2020: Top authors share their tips ” they share tips from successful authors that have appeared on their show on how to get your book written. Including these tips into your writing strategies is a savvy move that is sure to bring you success in 2020 and beyond.



Improve your writing

Many times I have been asked to explain exactly what an author does each day. People outside of the writing space have a very different idea what it is we do each day and how we actually grow our craft. Just like with any other profession, it’s about working on constant improvement each day. In order for us to make a living from our writing, means we need to stay at the top of our game always and improve daily.

The article from Kate Stead on Old Mate Media provides “6 Easy Tips to improve your writing Career“.  These short but powerful tips can make the world of difference to your writing. These tips cover the full spectrum of what it is to be an author and advise how best you can make your writing sparkle.

Don’t have writing resolutions, do this instead

As we are entering a New Year and new decade, many people make resolutions about what they are going to do or achieve. The same applies to savvy authors. Having resolutions are great. What we need to make sure of however, is that our resolutions aka writing strategies, work for us and not against us.

This next article from Nathaniel Tower-The Juggling Author “5 writing resolutions to avoid in 2020 ” provides us with some excellent suggestions on what to avoid and what to do instead. Some of these resolutions may be all too familiar for many authors. Yes, we all want to achieve greatness but at what cost? Don’t railroad your success before you even start.




Final Thoughts

So, what are the thoughts going through your head right now? Do you have a better idea of what you are going to be doing this year? Which of the strategies above have you included into your writing success blueprint?

I hope that I have provided food for thought and some great ideas to implement going into 2020. I know which ones I am going to make use of. The great thing about these writing strategies are that they are evergreen. No matter when you want to use them, they will work and deliver results.

Please let me know in the comments which you have decided upon or share some others that have worked for you in the past.

Here’s to making 2020 a great year and the next decade the best one yet.

Till next time

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