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Ever wondered why some authors just seem to achieve more success than others? There is one secret ingredient in their business toolkit that makes them more successful.

In this week’s roundup of articles we reveal what that secret is and how you can use it to your advantage.

Drum Roll please …

“Successful authors all have an author Website”

Yes, an author website. The key however, is that this website needs to be focused around your fans and books — it’s not about you. Never more so than ever before, is this true in these days of the COVID 19 pandemic. More and more readers are investing their money into books and your author website is brilliantly positioned to share your magic and to increase your sales.

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These articles below provide you with excellent tips and strategies that you can apply to your author website for greater success.

11 Elements that your Successful Author Website should contain

Kimberley Grabas of Your Writer Platform shares the 11 must have elements each author website should have in 11 Author Website Must Have Elements.

What jumped out at me was the following sentence, which describes what your author website should do for you so brilliantly.

“A website will help to increase not only your book’s visibility across the internet, but yours as well. In many cases, it may be your future fans first impression of you–especially if you have not yet published. Make sure that your site reinforces the image you wish to portray.”

Although written in 2013, everything still remains very relevant in today’s market. She thoroughly discusses why each of these elements are crucial to be included in your author website and goes into detail what is needed.

Build a Successful Author Website

Bonnie from Wild Mind for Authors (wildmindcreative.com) explains perfectly what is needed for a successful author website in The Ultimate Author Website




She elaborates fully what is needed and why you need it. As marketing is one of her strengths she speaks from that point of view so as to ensure that your efforts are not wasted.

As an added bonus you can download “The Ultimate Author Website Checklist” to guide your website building efforts.



Why have an Author Website?

In his article 15 Fantastic Author Websites to Inspire You on Authority Pub, Ron Clendenin highlights 15 author websites that will inspire your efforts when creating your own.

He shares what works plus links to each of the websites for you to discover them for yourself.

When looking at why these websites work, he included a list of excellent reasons why having an author website is essential. Here is his list.

  • Build a fanbase of people excited about your books
  • Establish your credibility and expertise as an author
  • Connect with your readers
  • Remain up-to-date and competitive in a growing pool of published authors
  • Receive valuable feedback from your readers
  • Provide content for future books and book-related projects

Do you have any other reasons you could add to his list? Please comment and let me know.

Your Author Website is not about You

In a hard hitting but insightful post on his blog Author Media, Thomas Umstattd reveals 7 Secrets for Amazing Author Websites. Thomas pulls no punches but its stuff we as authors need to hear.

Author websites should not be built around you. It’s all about your fanbase and what attracts them to your magic. Building a website that resonates with that is one of the most savvy things an author can do.





So in Closing…

There you have it. The biggest secret to having a successful author business and it’s not what you thought, I’m sure.

As much as other businesses all need a website, my personal opinion is that as authors it’s a non-negotiable tool. It’s our shop-front to the world and should speak to our community of raving fans. Do you agree? Let me know.

Till next time

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