Digital Savvy Granny was born out of a passion for showing the Baby Boomer Generation that life actually starts at 50 – it doesn’t end there. Growing older is a fact of life and something that nobody escapes. Most of my generation was brought up to believe that you would get a good education, then a good steady job, work for 40 years and then retire.

This model no longer works. With medical advances today, most of us will live far longer than any of our ancestors. As a result our “non-income” producing years are going to be much longer than our “income” producing years. Normal pensions are no longer going to cut it. It is imperative that we all have a Plan “B” in place to make up for the shortfalls.

I firmly believe that turning 50 is not a death sentence but rather a unique opportunity – a springboard if you like, to live the type of life that you dream/dreamt of. A time to do so many of the things you never had the time or money for when you were younger.

Also, there is a vast amount of knowledge, expertise, skills and passion sitting with this generation, that if not documented and shared, will be lost forever.

I’ve made it my mission to share this message with as many people as possible that we can still contribute and make an impact on the world. In addition, we can generate extra income to supplement any pensions or investments to ensure that we live a high quality of life going forward.

 To this end, I endeavor to share tips, tools, strategies and tactics with everybody that will enable them to make an impact and an income at the same time – irrespective of current circumstances or location. 

The Book - From Fed Up to Fabulous - Digital Savvy Granny

Co-authored a #1 Amazon Best Selling book in 2016.
Who says it can't be done after 50?

Ruth's Story

For many years as a single working mother of 3, Ruth always had a dream, a vision that someday she would run her own business, live life on her terms and be able to use the knowledge built up over the years and share it with others to help them achieve their dreams.

In addition Ruth realised very early on that she would need to build other income streams to ensure that her “golden years” were looked after and spent several years whilst still working fulltime to build up those income streams and her businesses.

She used her evening hours after the girls has gone to bed to educate and inform herself about everything online. Ruth made sure to find as many of  the different ways that people could earn a decent living and look after themselves and their families, whilst helping others achieve their dreams. Eventually it was time to take action and get started.

She retired herself from her job in July 2015, having managed to replace her corporate income built up over 35 years, working on her businesses part-time, in 15 months.

“Was it easy?” Hell no, she says, but it was an emotional rollercoaster ride and a great experience. She learnt so much from setting up and expanding her businesses that she now has so much more to share with each one of you.

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