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Welcome to the Digital Savvy Granny Resources Page, a curated list of tools, programs, free resources, informative websites and influencers I strongly recommend to aid you in your journey to building an income and make an impact from what you know.  

I have tested every recommendation on this page

Many of the resources listed here are crucial to running my businesses currently (or were crucial in the development of the Digital Savvy Brand and others.)

Before digging into the awesome resources I know and trust, an important disclosure:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, tools and influencers and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful. In no way whatsoever does my recommendation stem from the small commissions I may make if you decide to buy something, I truly believe they will be of benefit to you on your journey. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

Writing Resources

As a writer, time is one of your most precious resources. In the list below I share my favourite tools that help me save time, get my work ship-shape and add value to whatever I am creating. Some of these you may already know about and others may be new, but they are all worth their weight in gold.

Book Outline Blueprint

After having worked with many non-fiction authors worldwide to get their books published, I realised that they all needed something to guide them in developing their book and their thoughts. 

This is the method I have always used personally as well and it allows one to get a good idea of the flow of your book. It then becomes the blueprint when you start writing. No more wondering what should come next – its all been planned upfront. 

You just need to start writing.

Count Wordsworth - Online word counting tool

This handy tool not only counts the amount of words in your content but also tracks things like clichés, prepositions, sentence length etc. It even rates your writing according to Readability Scores and indicates the most used words and phrases. It gives you a great global view of your writing and where you can improve.

ProWritingAid - Everything you need to perfect your writing

ProwritingAid for me is literally a one stop writing shop. Not only does it help fix grammar issues, it also looks at style and throws in training in various writing  areas to help you hone your craft. Like they have said on their website “A grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.” and it truly is. If you want to succeed at your writingcraft and authorship, then look no further – this is your answer.

This is a vital tool for anybody that writes; bloggers, freelancers, authors, students and teachers – absolutely everybody.

Test it out today! 

Capitalize My Title - Automatic title case converter

Knowing which words are the ones that should be capitalized correctly in the different writing styles is not always easy. With this handy tool, you cannot be caught off guard and make any mistakes. It even allows you to change the case from upper to lower and vice versa if so desired. All round a great time saver.

Word Hippo - Word tools for your creative needs

Even writers need some help finding the correct words to use at times. It not only finds words for you but you can even look up definitions, rhymes, translations and other creative word uses. It’s one of those tools that once you have started using it, it becomes necessary, not just a nice to have.

Blurt - A writing tool that actually helps you to write

This writing tool addresses many challenges that some writers face and helps them improve at the same time. It not only allows you to write from anywhere when the inspiration hits you but then you can share what you have just written with others easily. It also has a built in facility that prevents you from self editing by blurring out what you have just written. 

I find it very easy to use and from somebody that couldn’t imagine writing anything without using Microsoft Word – that should say something.

Helpful Resources

These are tools and programs that will make your life so much easier both online and offline. Saving you time, energy and aggravation - they will help you get things done.

Web Capture - Grab fullpage website screenshots

This tool has been one of my goto tools for many, many years. It works perfectly each time and makes research an absolute breeze. 

Having the facility to be able to capture full web pages and then convert them into various file formats for later use (the pdf format is my personal favorite) makes it a winner. 

GreenShot - Makes screen capture a breeze

This has been my lifesaver so many times and its super easy to use.What I LOVE about this tool is that you can capture your screen and then paste it into many different formats for ease of use.. 

7 Zip - Easy file compression tool

As writers and authors we sometimes have very large files to sent to editors and beta-readers or clients that we are doing work for. Many email service providers limit the file size you can send and this handy tool can compress files and unzip others with ease. I have used this for many years and it’s never let me down.

CoSchedule Headline Analyser - Ensure attention-grabbing headlines

Make sure your headlines grab your reader’s attention. This handy online tool will analyse the effectiveness of your headline and give you some tips how you can improve it to make the most i,pact. Remember, seconds count online, especially when trying to get someboy’s attention.

Pretty Links - Shorten url's creatively and track their effectiveness

I’m sure that you have seen some very long, ugly url’s that are difficult to read. What Pretty Links enables you to do is shrink, cloak, track, organize, share and test all of the links you create, from your domain. They can then be used on social platforms, in emails, on websites, linked to images etc. Anything where you want to know how effective your content is and what your audience is reacting to most.

Canva - An online Graphic Design tool that allows you to do most tasks yourself with ease

One of the most useful tools that has allowed me to save time and money. It provides you with the means to do many graphic design and desktop publishing tasks with ease. Design logos, create social media posts, design birthday cards and invites, develop workbooks and training materials etc, etc.

They have both a Free option and a Paid option. Even with the Free option, most small businesses, solopreneurs and individuals can create what they need at no cost. Always a win!

WeTransfer - Makes large file transfers easy

.Nothing gets more frustrating than when you want to send somebody a large file and your email service does not allow it. Or your Internet bandwidth will take ages to transfer the file and somebody needs it urgently. Ever been in that situation?? Well, this is the answer. 

Go online and their FREE option allows you to transfer up to 2GB for free, quickly and safely.

Informational Websites and Influencers

In this section I have linked to people and websites that have supported me (unknowingly) on my journey and provided a huge amount of learning, ideas and strategies that have guided me over the years. Take the time to pay them a visit and learn what you can. All this takes is some of your time.

This section will grow over time as I add more of the people that made a direct impact on my life and that I know will be of value to you too.

Smart Passive Income - Pat Flynn

One of the most humble, helpful people I have every come across, both online and offline. He started his business out of adversity and has grown over the years to be known as sombody that always gives back to his audience and followers.  Everything he shares and teaches, he has used himself to grow his business to where it stands today. There are very few people that you will find anywhere that share this amount of value and it has no price tag.

The Creative Penn - Joanna Penn

You can almost say that I have grown up with Joanna. From the very early days of my research into what to do as a side hustle to now being one of my goto sources for everything about writing, she has never failed to please. She is one of the most approacheable people in her field and you feel her personal touch in everything she does. As an author of numerous non-fiction and fiction books, this is somebody that knows Authorship inside out and her podcast adds even more value. 

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