About Me

Hi, my name is Ruth Coetzee and I am just an ordinary 50 something granny that loves reading, my electronic devices and expanding my knowledge in many diverse fields. I have an insatiable curiosity, a bucket list that is a mile long, enjoy spending time with family and friends and every now and then "pushes the envelope" by doing things that society says I cannot do. "Says Who?"

When it comes to " pushing that envelope" this is really the core of my passion; of proving that age is just a number and its more evident today than ever before in the history of mankind.

My passion and belief that turning 50 is not a death sentence but rather a unique opportunity - a springboard, if you like, to live the type of life that you dream/dreamt of and do so many of the things that you never got around to or had the time or money for when you were younger. Let me explain...

  • It is a well-known fact that with medical advances today, most of us will live far longer than any of our predecessors.
  • Another fact is that our "golden" or retirement years will most likely be far longer than our income producing years were and then we all had responsibilities of family and all that goes with it to provide for.

The question that comes with retirement and this knowledge today is, "How we are going to ensure that we have quality of life going forward? How are we going to ensure that we can cover all our expenses and still live the way we want to without careers or jobs that bring in income? How are we going to ensure that our "nest-egg" that we have built over the years will be enough to see us through to the end of our lives?"

This is exactly what my passion is all about.

It's all about saying "Watch out world, here we come! We can look after ourselves, we still have so much to offer and live productive fulfilling lives, giving back to our communities and the world."

Co-author of a book that reached #1 Amazon Bestseller Status in 2016. Who said it cannot be done after 50?

This BC (Before Computers) Generation combined worldwide have a huge, valuable base of knowledge, expertise and skills that we are more than willing to share with the world. We have value to add and can live very productive lives without the support of family and government institutions.

And this fundamentally is what Digital Savvy Granny aka Ruth Coetzee is all about.

I've made it my mission to learn as much as I can about everything digital (and anything in-between) and continue to do so everyday - to learn about what methods, concepts and ideas we can utilize to share our knowledge, skills, expertise and passion with the world and in doing so generate income to support our lifestyles for many years to come. Additionally, collaborating with experts in their field to provide us with advice on how best we can make this work and live the life we dream/dreamt about.

So, join the BC Generation and let's show the world what we are made of.

Looking forward to having you here...